You Are Stronger Than You Thought

Les Brown You are stronger than you thought


You Are Stronger Than You Thought, You Are Not Alone – Les Brown Motivational Video

Most people are moving through life at a fast pace that is sometimes become unbearable. We’re so busy with our lives that we almost have no work-life balance.
Often times, we tend to neglect our own mental or physical health, family, friendships and so much more! Many of us are stressed out and have reached a breaking point and sink into depression.
It’s a mental health issue few of our grandparents or great-grandparents were diagnosed with, yet is so common today.
Facts about untreated depression include:
• 40% of people will continue to meet the diagnostic criteria in one year if not treated
• People with untreated depression die, on average, 25 years sooner.
• Children born to depressed mothers show increased irritability, less attentiveness, fewer facial expressions and lower birth weights.
Woman on the floor suffering from anxieity and depression
There are many types of depression. They are all treatable and beating it will be truly life-changing.
You will laugh, love, and live fully once you’ve climbed out of the dark hole of depression!
As long as you take massive action to learn how depression is affecting your life negatively and the effective strategies to overcome this nightmare.
You can become happy again, in no time. Depression is such a common problem today that an estimated 19 million American adults are living with major depression!
Therefore, it is important to know what are the effective strategies for beating depression into the ground. Take steps to live a vibrant, happy, healthy life well beyond your golden years!