Motivation and Recognition In The Workplace



The most appropriate method of measuring the performance of an employee is an ongoing evaluation, rather than just having an evaluation once in a while. It’s critical to keep the performance evaluation process consistent and continuous in order for the employee to fully understand and appreciate what they can offer the organization. A consistent and continuous performance measurement results in motivating the employee through evaluation, recognition, and reward. If an employee feels their performance is measured and discussed consistently, they may feel more motivated to perform at a higher level.

Recognition is extremely important in making sure your employee knows they’re seen as a performer who goes above and beyond. A crystal trophy is a beautiful token of appreciation that stands out, showing the employee they are recognized for their hard work and productivity.

Recognition is an extremely important part of the performance measurement of employees. According to resources on manager-employee relationships, recognition is the key to success with longevity. Recognition makes the employee want to come back to work and perform to the best of their abilities. They relish in the treatment and physical recognition. It makes working fun and alleviates the everyday stress.

According to a source on factors that create de-motivation in business, one of the main reasons people leave their jobs is lack of recognition. Bad management and the feeling of being perceived as invisible is another reason why someone might leave their employment. People want to be recognized. They want to be seen and known for their efforts.

The obstacles working against employees include poor managers, lack of recognition, and lack of visibility. There is nothing worse than working for someone who doesn’t feel your efforts or productivity should be rewarded. It’s a true statement that you’re doing what you were “hired to do,” but recognition keeps you wanting to come back every day to perform your tasks and continue working diligently for the company.

The most important asset to an organization is its people. Motivation helps keep those people you want working for the company in their positions, gratified and enthusiastic. The chief concern is to ensure they’re happy with what they’re doing as employees of the firm. This is essential to the operations of businesses and organizations. Workers must be driven by their own need to succeed in the workplace. Motivation through recognition is the easiest way a management team can retain talent and keep people happy. That recognition may be a simple “thank you,” or a tangible, monetary reward.


The key is to make the recognition appear as exactly what the word “recognition” implies – a physical recognition of hard work. In this way, the employees who don’t work with diligence aren’t happy and aren’t motivated. It may take recognition to turn their attitudes around to something more akin to working harder and healthier.

Workers should understand goals and objectives and communicate with management, and management should communicate goals and expectations with employees. With the problems between labor and management usually being caused by a miscommunication, the motivation factor often dies due to a lack of communication to and by management. An employer can use recognition as a powerful tool in pushing an employee toward goals and retaining top talent. An unhappy employee is not going to stay at their job or position for very long.

In conclusion, motivation is often tied to the form of recognition given to employees. Motivation is more than just saying “thank you” though. It also involves instilling the desire or passion to do more than what an employee is required to receive their normal paycheck. They need to want to stay at their jobs to remain motivated and recognized for performing well. An employee doesn’t want the hassles of finding a new job. They do want to stay at their current employment if they’re being noticed and rewarded for a job well done.

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