I Am Affirmations For Wealth, Success, Health and Prosperity

I am affirmations

I Am Affirmations For Wealth, Success, Health & Prosperity Subliminals Visualization Meditation is one of the best wealth affirmation videos on the web. With music made to the exact tune of money making, we recommend using this video for meditation, sleep learning, and positive thinking exercises.


Using Subliminal Affirmations

With subliminal affirmations both on screen and repeated within the audio, you can begin programming your mind to make money and to attract abundance into your life. This video includes I Am Affirmations on the screen with Affirmations which are speaking directly to you. Every time she says “You Are…” you should repeat in your mind the phrase with I Am.
As you hear that you are successful or that you are wealthy, you then affirm it by saying I Am Successful or I Am Wealthy, etc. Repeat these and record these in your own voice to make this more personal.
1- You receive money every day
2- You are wealthy
3- You are rich
4- You are powerful
5- You attract money
6- You deserve money
7- You are surrounded with money
8- You have multiple sources of income
9- You are abundant
10- You are highly driven and motivated to succeed
11- You have the ability to make large amounts of money
12- You achieve whatever you set your mind to
13- You are focused
14- You attract money easily in every way
15- You are a money master
16- You feel good having money
17- You are prosperous in every way
18- You are successful
19- You are a millionaire
20- You attract all the money you desire
21- You attract people and situations that will help you
22- You choose to be wealthy
When you find yourself saying negative things to yourself, stop and start saying these affirmations. Train your mind to think in terms of wealth, success, health and prosperity.