From Struggling Baggage Handler To Successful CEO, Lessons In Entrepreneurship

Baggage handlers working at airport

Lessons From a Successful Entrepreneur

Many people who were once struggling in their jobs are now successful entrepreneurs. You never know what a person can do until they do it. People become entrepreneurs for many reasons. Sometimes it’s just because they cannot find a job that pays enough, or is interesting enough, or challenges them enough. Other times it comes after a long life of working for others and moving up in a company and then realizing that they can do more with their own business. Yet others start a business because they want time freedom and flexibility.


While there are many reasons for becoming an entrepreneur, it’s critical to choose the right business and run it properly if you want to be successful. It’s fun to say you’re an entrepreneur, but it’s a whole other thing to really do it successfully

Here’s a very inspirational video that I found on YouTube about a baggage handler who went on to becoming a successful CEO in only 5 years, Josef Azam talks about the key to success. By sharing his motivational story, Josef proves that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

Mindset for Successful Entrepreneurship

Do you know why a lot of entrepreneurs succeed with their businesses? Well honestly, they’ve have the right mindset for successful entrepreneurship that helps them stay focused and move forward. So, do you have them too?

It’s All About Attitude

Almost every successful entrepreneur when asked about their business success would say it is all about mindset. They will surely tell you that it is all about attitude. Yes, it is all about nothing but maintaining a mindset of never giving up and doing what is necessary for your business and entrepreneurship to prosper.

Setting Goals

Would-be-entrepreneurs must know how to set goal and most importantly, achieve these goals. You have to couple goal setting with discipline. As someone who sees opportunities in almost everything, you have to know which to pursue and which to avoid. Setting your own goals can keep you on track.