Don’t Give In! Don’t cry to give up, cry to be successful

Ali-Don't give in

I believe that all of us want to express something: an idea, a theory, a talent, a natural gift, an opinion or a statement. If given the chance, most of us would love to do the thing that scares us the most. Although we have seen the dream we still have to make our way to manifesting it into a reality. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a professional athlete, movie star, astronaut or any other dream career, you will want to give in, but don’t.


If you have something: a talent, an innate skill, or even simply years of knowledge and experience in one of the arts of expression, it would seem to be a waste if all of a sudden, you decides to stop dreaming and hoping altogether.
People are tempted to give up on their dream for many reasons. Here are some of the most common listed below.
1) Those who have given up on the idea
This group may have already decided that their dream and that their time of preparation was a waste of time. They think it is too late: now that they are married or now that they have children, etc. If they are not careful, they may stay in this phase for the rest of their lives and always wonder what might have been. They may even become bitter because of it without even knowing why.
2) Those who are still hopeful but are not doing anything about their goals presently but would like to get back to them later on
They are doing something else now, like selling, working in a call center, or maybe even managing a manufacturing plant, however they are not setting aside time, money and effort to their dream. They can always go back to it later, I suppose, ‘when there’s a bit more time’. Perhaps after they get married, after the first child, after the second child, after they get promoted or after they pay their debts, whatever their unique circumstances may be.
3) Those who are willing and able to allocate time, effort and money to progress their skills and talents
The people in this group are doing something to push forward. They still believe in the idea that they can become who they want to be; that life can be the way they once saw it, not withstanding all the years of ‘reality checks’ that ensued. Little steps as long as they are taking active steps, a person will belong to this group.
In the first phase, we experience a very frustrating and demoralizing event in our ‘careers’. We cannot help but feel defeated when our work does not get the results we have hoped for or expected. Perhaps we begin to believe that we are only fooling ourselves and that we should give up our foolish hopes and dreams.
Eventually, you come to realize, time and time again, that no matter what, ‘it’ is still what you want to do regardless of what has happened in the past and what may happen or not happen in the future.
Hopefully you would not spend too much of your life thinking that your ‘passion’ is not really what you want to do. Because honestly, what would be better than doing things to make your life happen the way you dream it?