Entrepreneur Inspiration and Motivation for Success

Tonya Lyons EntrepreneurHave you ever wondered why some people are very successful while others struggle to get results with their businesses? I used to think that it was a matter of talent or intelligence, but when I finally became successful with my online business I found out that it has nothing to do with those things. This blog is about giving entrepreneurs the inspiration and motivation for success.
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Who’s the Right Person to be an Entrepreneur?

Just about anyone can be an entrepreneur if they put in the work. With that said, it does take a certain type of person to become a successful entrepreneur. Attributes like drive, determination, focus, patience, the ability to recognize a good opportunity and persistence characteristics of an entrepreneur.
College Students
Attending college can be one of the toughest periods of your life if you lack finances and time. Every year, college students are saddled with overwhelming debt due to student loans. Having a full time job is usually impossible with homework, attending classes and participating in school activities.
Entrepreneurship allows college students start a business that will pay for their current and future needs while exploring their own independence.
Stay-at-Home Parents and Caregivers
Parent and caregivers who choose to stay at home to care for their children or parents have the ability to build a successful home business. The key is to select the most passive income business model as possible, so you can work a few hours a week and still handle all of your personal responsibilities.

woman and child at a desk while woman works from home

Seniors Citizens
Senior citizens are in a perfect position to become successful entrepreneurs. If they are retired, they have a lot of time on their hands. Seniors who become entrepreneurs find not only financial benefits but also a rewarding activity to keep them busy during retirement.
Male and Female Entrepreneurs
Men and women both have an equal chance of becoming a successful entrepreneur, based upon their individual skills. Even children can start early and become entrepreneurs at any age, with the help of their parents.
No matter who you are or what your particular skills and abilities are, you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur. You just need a great idea motivation and the commitment to succeed.


Business Entrepreneur Motivation

If you are currently an entrepreneur, you know that your success cannot depend on the opinions of others. Like the wind, opinions change, like the weather, opinions change frequently. To succeed at any business opportunity, you must stay focused and committed, no matter what the cost! Here are some surefire tips to help you on your journey.
1. Avoid Negativity.
Negative people are all around us. They can include our family, friends, customers, employees and strangers. You can’t avoid those who are close to you, and sometimes their negativity is based on concern for you. Just because they don’t see how something can be done, they think it can’t be done.
Welcome feedback and accept criticism constructively, from those who are coaches, mentors and customers. This will help you remove the blinders most of us have about our business.
2. Motivate Yourself.
You can be your best source of encouragement by inspiring and motivating yourself. How can you do this? Everyone is motivated differently, but usually finding stories of people who have gone from “rags to riches” gives us an instant boost of motivation.

3. Know Your Why.
Should you find yourself wavering, and becoming discouraged, remember your Why. Remembering why you want to succeed will give you the discipline, self-confidence, independence, sacrifice, etc. Remember the worst job you ever worked. Then imagine yourself working there again. Use whatever it takes to motivate you to move forward towards your dreams.
Remove all negative thoughts and embrace that which is uplifting, inspiring, encouraging, warm, friendly, and helpful. You are on track to achieving great things as long as you do not let yourself become derailed by the negative words of others.

Laptop Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Thanks to the internet, anyone can live the laptop entrepreneur lifestyle. If you are like me, you want to spend more time with family and friends. You don’t want to live by someone else’s clock and schedule. You don’t want to ask someone if you can take the day or month off to take care of a sick family member.
More importantly, you want to make sure that if you don’t want to work for a few weeks, you will still get paid. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to be available for your family and do what needs to be done without restrictions.

Get Motivated Daily

Staying motivated each day is not always easy no matter what you are trying to accomplish. For those that are trying to build and grow a successful business, motivation can even be harder. Whatever it is that you are trying to get fired up to do; there are a specific tactics that can help. You can stay motivated to accomplish almost any goal.
Visualize and see Your Goals in 3D
When you visualize your goals and imagine what the end results will be, you are more likely to stay motivated. You may feel more motivated by a picture of what you are working towards or need a daily visual reminder of that dream home you are growing your business to obtain. By keeping a visual picture in your mind and imagining yourself at your end result, you can stay focused to accomplish any goal.
Reward Your Accomplishments
Reward yourself when you reach small milestones along the way. If you are trying to grow your business, reward yourself for reaching a certain amount in sales per month, a social media business profile and following, increased customers, etc.
Knowing that there is something good along the way to your goal will help keep you excited about achieving your goals and you will find second wind.
Motivational Movies, Inspirational Videos, Quotes
I do this all the time. There is something about a “Rags to Riches” success story that gets me motivated. I don’t always want to watch a two hour movie, so I frequently watch inspirational videos on YouTube, then add them to this blog so I can find them later.
Inspirational content such as videos, quotes and articles can provide quick motivation. Sometimes it is great to see others who have made it to where you want to go.
Set Daily Goals to Reach Major Goals
Whether you are working towards a successful $10,000 a month business or a $2,000,000 per month business, set manageable goals for yourself and take a break every once in a while.
Establish daily goals for yourself and your team so you are not overwhelmed. This allows you to plan more meticulously. If you do get overwhelmed, take a break. Achieving your goals will not happen overnight. If you feel frustrated, take a day off and rethink your plans.
Richard Bandler, founder of NLP proposes the question: “How do you eat an Elephant?” The correct answer always is: “One Bite at a Time”
Coaches and Mentors
You can achieve anything with staunch conviction. If you work on a goal because you believe you can do it, it will be easy for you to stay motivated. While working on your goals, if you do need an extra push, find a coach or mentor who can keep you on track.
You want someone who knows the way to success to show you the right path on your journey. What good is it to follow or take the journey with someone who does not know exactly where to go? Find someone with proven results and learn what to do.
Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators
Everyone is motivated for different reasons, but one way to stay motivated is to remember all the times someone told you that you couldn’t do it. Prove the negative people around you wrong and accomplish your goals to show them you can.
While you should never try to live your life for the approval of others, your internal passion may improve when you try to impress others. Feel good about what you can do, and people will notice.
Enjoy the Journey
You may want to achieve a goal that you find very difficult. It may help to stay motivated by finding something pleasurable about what you are doing. Achieve your goals because you want to do it and not because others want you to. When you find intrinsic motivation, it will be easier to stay committed.
Build a Team of Entrepreneurial People
Entrepreneurial people are resourceful and will always find a way to accomplish a task and goal. Only hire people who know how to think like an entrepreneur. Listen to what they have to say and consider their suggestions. For people who have already been there, they can offer valuable advice and this should help you stay motivated.
Time Management Is A Lifelong Skill
To be a successful entrepreneur, you must have great time management skills. Everything is not “Priority 1” on your to-do list and you can’t try to do everything yourself. Establish the priorities by planning and outsource as much as possible so you can leverage your resources.

Successful Entrepreneurs

What makes a successful entrepreneur? Of course, the answer to that is many different things but one of them is definitely their ability to know what is going on within their own industry, within the world of business in general and especially with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.
Successful business owners keep up on what is going on and stay informed of the latest trends, market shifts and opportunities so that they can take any advantage they can get to make their business grow. Here are some ways to grow a successful business.
Successful Entrepreneurs Network With Other Entrepreneurs
People that are in business for themselves don’t exist in solitude. Besides their customers, suppliers and all of the other support systems that they have around their business, they also have friends and colleagues that are also entrepreneurs. Keeping up with these people is one of the best ways that they have a staying informed.
Whatever the virtual water cooler happens to be of these entrepreneurs – usually a forum or social media network – they share information, give advice and keep each other updated about entrepreneurship.
Successful Entrepreneurs Read
One thing that you will notice about those successful in the business world is they tend to read publications, websites or even social media posts about their industry or niche. This also includes books by some of the most successful motivational authors. Successful people like to stay informed and they like to learn new things. There is so much information on the Internet that you could spend decades learning about a subject and still not know everything about it and being as informed as possible is equal to being as successful as possible.
Successful Entrepreneurs Use the Information to Improve Their Business
What good is information if you don’t use it? A successful entrepreneur will use their growing knowledge to improve their business, increase their revenue or bring in more customers. Successful entrepreneurs know when they learned something useful and work to implement it as quickly as possible.
Successful Entrepreneurs Help Others
You can’t have a real entrepreneurial mindset if you are not always willing to help other people build their dreams. They have been where the starting entrepreneur is and remember what it was like to start with only the basics. Most successful entrepreneurs are more than willing to share their knowledge.
As someone who wants to build a successful lifestyle which includes many prosperous entrepreneurial endeavors, this blog is created to inspire and motivate other entrepreneurs. Again, thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you are blessed to prosper even as your soul prospers.