A Champion’s Path to Achievement: Usain Bolt, Christophe Lemaitre & Many More !!

Usain Bolt Sprinting on a track field


A Champion’s Path to Achievement

Our greatest achievements come from belief that we can achieve. When we unleash our minds with the possibilities of what can be, we walk in what is. Possibilities, like people, require nurturing and a place to grow. Knowing how to recognize the possibilities available to you is an art.
Most of us design our lives with specific goals, plans and actions for achievement. Yet, in a moment all can change. We then ask ourselves the question, “Have I chosen the right path in life, or has it chosen me?”
Even with our best made plans there comes a time when our greatest achievement is to surrender to that which life has put in front of us and make our way victoriously through it.
Surrender with a sense of acceptance not defeat.

Acceptance of the inevitable often leads us to our most profound achievements, because we are left to discover our purpose that may have been buried deep within our spirit.
Like the tides, achievement comes and goes.

Our greatest achievements reside in the art of possibility. The possibility that regardless of what circumstances we find ourselves in, we can maintain our beliefs, continue to grow, learn and expand as a direct result of these situations.
Possibilities, like people, require nurturing and a place to grow. Our minds house all possible paths to achievement we learn how to develop our strengths and minimize our weaknesses.
No matter how much evidence we have that life is full of uncertainty there are those who do all they can to achieve constant certainty.
Lion with a champion is someone who gets up when he can't caption
It is the very uncertainty of life that has us love with intensity, live with passion and cherish the moments that may have passed unnoticed if each moment were guaranteed to be followed by the next. It is the uncertainty of life that pushes us to achieve.
Uncertainty may well be the catalyst to become our greatest self, achieving that which we otherwise would not have. It is that which allows the ordinary to become extraordinary, the average person a champion in their own right. A champion is one who understands that time is fleeting and life is rich with possibility.
A champion is a champion first in their mind and heart long before they are a champion in their sport. We are all champions in the making. All we have to do is believe.