5 Things To Remember In Goal Setting

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5 steps to goal setting

Goal setting and achieving for success

Reaching a goal requires a lot of hard work and twice that amount of patience in order to actually achieve them. First, make sure that you set attainable and realistic goals.   Yes, it is okay to reach for the stars but don’t think you can achieve that overnight, without any practice, learning and relationship building.  Setting short-term to medium-term goals can help you trim down variables and be able to make achievable goals.  Getting quick wins can help you stay motivated to continue striving for success in your life.


Setting Goals for success

Setting Your Goals For Success

Setting your goal is the most vital aspect for your success. Here are five things to remember in setting your goal:

1. Be Passionate

Nothing beats a person with a heart full of zeal in what he or she has committed to. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in as long as you are working to achieving your goal if you really love what you are doing. The journey you take will surely be meaningful and fulfilling in its own way if there is passion within you.


2. Be precise, specific and measurable

Avoid jumping from one goal to another. There might come a time that you will face difficulties while realizing your goal, but do not let this stop you.  Choose one goal at a time when you first start setting your goals.  Make your goals measurable with time tables and milestones.


It may take some time to develop the skill to eliminate irrelevant and unnecessary details when achieving your goal, but it will definitely help you become precise on what you really want to accomplish.

3. Be prepared by planning your goals out

When you write out the details, you can prepare for more if you are aware of what is needed and the resources needed to achieve them.  You might also want to check if you have enough funds, manpower, resources, and skills before proceeding with setting your goal.   Review and rewrite your goals as necessary.


” If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” 

Benjamin Franklin

4. Create Your Action Plan

Create an action plan, don’t forget the small details.

Break down you goal into small actions that can create quick short wins, will help you take action and strive more.  Activities broken down into one hour or less action steps daily is easier than trying to spend 12-18 hours on your goal at one time.

5. Focus on creating activity and not the results

This is contrary to what most people teach, but only identify what your “end goal” enough to make sure that you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Understanding this principle will serve as your drive and the reason why you do it.

There can be more things to remember in setting your goal, however, the success of your accomplishing it is entirely in the palm of your hands. Are you ready to begin now.

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