3 Sources Of Free Traffic For Your Business

4 people standing and looking at their phones

There are two kinds of traffic you can drive to your business; free and paid traffic. With paid traffic, you’d have to part with some of revenue, but you can get traffic instantly to your offers and content. With free traffic, however, your costs aren’t so obvious. While you may not be paying for anything upfront, you are going to be paying with your time and energy. Many people say time is money.

If you want free traffic, you want to invest as little time as possible while still making the most of your investment. Here are three great ways to generate quality free traffic to your offers.

1. Email Your List

If you don’t have an email list yet, then you need to get started right away with nurturing your relationship. You’ll commonly hear marketers say that the “money is in the list.” This saying is true, of course, if they trust you and you don’t spam your subscribers!

These people signed up for your list because they found your content valuable, so continue to add value by informing them of new blog posts and offers that will help them even more.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media is not going to go away but growing. In fact, people are spending hours every day glued to their smartphones and computers, endlessly scrolling through their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds! How can you harness the power of social media to bring traffic to your business?

Social Media Traffic

You just need to figure out where most of your target audience hangs out. If Pinterest is more popular for your audience, then engage with them on Pinterest. Likewise, if they are on Twitter, then interact with them on that platform. You don’t have to be on all social media sites, however. Just choose the top 3 or 4 when you’re starting out.

3. YouTube Marketing

Although YouTube is Social Media, I have to consider YouTube marketing because it is also a great way to get SEO benefits. You may think people go on YouTube to look at silly cat videos, but it’s not always the case. The majority of people go on YouTube to learn new things.

If your product can use a video tutorial or demo, then film yourself using your product and upload it to YouTube. To keep your branding consistent, make sure you add your logo and use your brand’s colors, too. And then somewhere in your video content or in the description, add a call to action asking your viewers to visit your website for more information.

These are just 3 ways to get free website traffic. There are many more, however these three ways can produce faster results than most.